Prejudice and Stereotype : Lookism
Prejudice and Stereotype : Lookism
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KT Reporter

Have you ever heard about a word, lookism? Lookism means the preference for the beauty and attractiveness. In Korean society, it is important to show a nice appearance to others because there is a stereotype that nice appearance makes people competitive. The better appearance they have, the more chances to success you can have. Because of this pervasive prejudice, lots of people are willing to change their looks by using various ways. It may sound weird, but you should not blame lookism for being bad. Here are some reasons why you should not consider it bad.

First, showing beauty and charm to others is a basic human need. No matter how you try not to consider others’ appearance, you get to consider it. That is because you are human beings. Having a nice appearance is a basic desire which has existed since the history started. It is a long-standing basic human desire to have a good appearance. It seems that people cannot resist this desire, which makes them place importance on appearance. Second, a plastic surgery is not always bad. A lot of People do not hesitate to have the surgery to look attractive, and there are various degrees of the surgery. As you can imagine, there is a severe surgery that changes the whole part of face. On the contrary, there is a simple surgery that changes only a small part of your face. In these days, the meaning of plastic surgery is more like a simple procedure rather than an operation. In fact, lots of Koreans have plastic surgery not because they have a serious problem on their face, but because they simply want to make a good impression. Lastly, Korean cosmetics market is making a big contribution to the country’s economy. Thanks to Korean people’s interest in their appearance, Korean cosmetics market has been developed a lot. Moreover, along with a sensational popularity of K-Pop, lots of foreigners’ interest in the country’s beauty industry has been increased, which helped to coin up a new word, K-Beauty. K-Beauty industry attracts a lot of money from the word by contributing to Korean economy. As you can see, lookism is not always bad even if it is wrong to judge people by their looks. That is because good looks can make a good impression on others or give the parties confidence.

To sum up, whether you want it or not, preferring attractive appearance is a basic desire of human. Thanks to the development of plastic surgery and cosmetics, people can manage their looks. However what matters is not their appearance, but their inner management. Therefore, rather than just sitting down and complaining about your looks, why don’t you change the environment around you by taking care of your inner self?

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