When opportunity knocks, seize it.
When opportunity knocks, seize it.
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By Lee Tae-seok (Department of Electronic Engineering at Yeungnam University)
By Lee Tae-seok (Department of Electronic Engineering at Yeungnam University)

 Hello, my name is Lee Tae-seok, and I'm nearing graduation from Yeungnam University. Last December, a journalist friend working for The Kyungnam Times (KT) sent me four magazines published in 2023, claiming they contained articles written by them and asked me to take a look at them. The moment I received the magazines, the covers caught my eyes. Each cover was themed around a specific season and left a strong impression on me. The contents were neatly organized, and while I wasn't sure about the exact nature of the articles in each section, they seemed to cover a wide variety of topics, which drew my interest.

 I used to think that articles were solely focused on conveying information and facts, and I didn't expect them to be engaging or enjoyable. However, after reading the articles in Feature, Now & Here, and Argument & Fact, my preconceptions were shattered. I was curious if our university had an English newspaper club, and to my surprise, it did. It was a missed opportunity for me as a graduating college student to significantly improve my skills without having to study English composition separately, and I felt truly regretful.

 I want to express my admiration and respect to the hardworking journalists for KT who write articles hard. Seeing how it could greatly benefit their college life and offer many rewarding experiences through journalistic activities, I also find myself wishing to try it if I were to relive my university days. I heard they even send every issue to the sister universities abroad as well as secondary schools and universities at home, which must bring them a sense of pride in their work. Lastly, I am grateful to my friend for giving me the opportunity to read the articles, and I look forward to reading many more excellent articles in the future, and support the efforts of KT reporters.

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