All Youth, Earn Life with such Experiences!
All Youth, Earn Life with such Experiences!
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By Kim Dong-han
A junior of the Dept. of English Education


Frankly, it is my first time to read through to the full articles of Kyungnam Times. It is a quite shameful thing in that my major is related deeply to English. Maybe It is because of my linguistic unreadiness to deal with Kyungnam Times or just lack of motivation. However, thanks to lovely junior colleagues, I was engaged in reading Kyungnam Times.

The most interesting article to me was ‘Why Don’t You Do Challenging Part-Time Jobs?’, written by Han Da-hyeon. I also have a part-time job which is to teach students English, which is the first one. And these days, I came to know that much more students than I thought were doing part-time job. Therefore, I think that part-time job, as a topic, is proper and relevant to the real life of KU Students, whether they have part-time job or not. There were three different cases. In each case, one student is explaining a part-time job with their authentic experiences. It was interesting and informative to read through their writing that I could see that every student in the article realized something particular, respectively, with their own experiences. It led me think that working is one of the essential experiences for opportunity to grow. So, why don’t you throw yourself into part-time jobs?

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