Challenge the 5th Extracurricular Supporters!
Challenge the 5th Extracurricular Supporters!
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By Han Da-hyeon


How much did you get extracurricular mileage? If you are a KU student, you may receive the extracurricular mileage involuntarily and you may want to get more mileage. Since starting the extracurricular mileage system, many students have participated in some events with the extracurricular mileage. Moreover, the mileage is converted into cash, so it has been the system loved by students in many ways. To make extracurricular programs more active, the Center for Extracurricular Education advertises for the 5th extracurricular supporters. If you are interested in the extracurricular mileage and various activities at KU, focus on this! Now, let’s find out what the extracurricular supporters mainly do.

Who are the extracurricular supporters?

They mainly play a key role of bridging between the Center for Extracurricular Education and KU students to promote many events with the extracurricular mileage. Plus, they also play a role as experts that put various comments together and convey them to KU students to help their prior understandings about the events.

What do extracurricular supporters do?

They do online promotions through Social Network Services (SNS). They promote the extracurricular programs and satisfy students’ curiosities about the programs by using SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Everytime. They also promote offline. They provide interesting information about the extracurricular programs by setting up promotion booths during the festival and advertisements for club members. The extracurricular supporters make videos for the extracurricular programs. They make videos introducing and explaining the programs to help students understand to make them interesting and form a bond of sympathy. Furthermore, they monitor the programs and write postscripts or suggestions about the programs. Lastly, they submit the monthly reports. The supporters should write how they have worked for promotion online or offline for a month and which extracurricular programs they have monitored. Then, they should synthesize opinions and suggestions of other students and write them on the monthly reports. These reports are very useful and receive a variety of feedback immediately.

What are the benefits of being an extracurricular supporter?

If you work as the supporters, you will get 20 mileage points, a scholarship, and an activity statement. For your information, scholarships are paid differently, reflecting their participation in supporters’ meetings, events, and submissions of reports.

How can you be an extracurricular supporter?

A promotion and an application for the extracurricular supporters are from the end of the semester to the middle of the vacation. Submit the application and apply the extracurricular programs. You can download the application form from KU’s webpage or from the Institution for Innovation of University Education and send a mail to the relevant institution within the application period. However, you will be excluded from the review if you do not apply to the extracurricular programs. The criteria of selection can be revised, considering for each college, gender, and grade. If there are any obstruction in activities such as teaching practice and language training, you should talk to the person in charge in advance.

KU always tries to provide various opportunities to help students’ specs and good memories. If you are still interested in the extracurricular mileage and various activities at KU, apply it right now! KU is always open for your various experiences. The extracurricular supporters will help and guide you to the beautiful memories and activities. If you want to get more information about the extracurricular supporters, contact here!

교육혁신원 비교과통합지원센터 (249-2138,2395)

교육혁신원 홈페이지(

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