President Park Holds 2019 Peace Forumn
President Park Holds 2019 Peace Forumn
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By Han Da-hyeo


President Park Jae Kyu held 2019 Peace Forum at Korea with Soka University and Chinese Culture University at Soka Gakki international (SGI) training center at Jeju Island on May 15, 2019. The title of this forum was Conflict, Cooperation, and Peace in East Asia. This forum was composed of three session: Conflict and Cooperation between the South Korea and Japan, Taiwan and China, and inter-Korea. In this forum, President Park said, All related nations should communicate and cooperate closely for the denuclearization and peaceful coexistence of the Korean peninsula and peace and prosperity of Asia.

Those that attended this forum include: President Park; Yoshihisa Baba, the president of Soka University; Chien-min Chao a dean of the College of Social Science; Kim Bong-hyeon, a director of Jeju Peace Institute; An Ho-myeong, the president of University of North Korean Studies, and others.

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