Various Topics and Memorable Articles in The Kyungnam Times
Various Topics and Memorable Articles in The Kyungnam Times
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Lee Su-binDepartment of English Education at Kyungnam University
Lee Su-binDepartment of English Education at Kyungnam University


Hello, my name is Lee Su-bin, and I am currently a student majoring in English Education at Kyungnam University (KU). While taking a TOEIC class at KU in the ‘Changjo Hall,’ I happened to see an article The Kyungnam Times (KT). I read it and found it interesting, so I decided to write to KT because I wanted to share my thoughts with many people. Also, I saw that my English Education classmates were working hard and writing for KT, and I wanted to tell them my thanks for writing informative articles every issue.

Recently, I read page 26 in the September issue of KT. The article was about radiation leakage in Japan, which has become a global issue these days. On July 4, 2023, we learned about Japan’s plan and its prediction for radioactive leaks in the ocean water. Various perspectives on this issue were shared, including the Korean government’s reaction, and among them I liked the phrase. “It is essential to consider not only short-term but also long-term perspective when discussing the environment.” Because of this, I thought that the condition of the environment is a major problem that we have to discuss now, and we have to seriously consider the effects of environmental pollution. It’s easy to damage the environment, but recovering it is hard and requires a long time, so we have to think about the environment beyond the spectrum of a short term.

The KT is a magazine that delivers not only news about KU, but also various topics and information. Therefore, I hope many KU students are to perceive the existence of the KT and read a variety of informative articles in it. The more detailed and precise the articles are, the more useful and informative they are. Henceforth, I would like the KT reporters to be committed to writing articles as hard as they have done until now in order that we can enjoy reading a lot of articles that help us learn about various topics, gain more knowledge, and better understand the current global situation. Thank you.

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