A Step Forward to the Future
A Step Forward to the Future
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Kim Tae-wanDepartment of English Education at Kyungnam University
Kim Tae-wanDepartment of English Education at Kyungnam University


Hello, my name is Kim Tae-wan. I’m majoring in English Education at Kyungnam University (KU). I was a reporter for The Kyungnam Times (KT) for 2 years, but since I quit I still read the articles in KT from time to time. There are lots of interesting articles such as ‘Kyungnam University Embarks on Nurturing Super-Giant AI Industry’ and ‘Changes after Declaration of the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic.’ I want to talk about the first article because it is the most intriguing to me.

KU was chosen to be a participating institution for the ‘Software-centered University Project’ in 2023. The article also touched on the topic of Super-Giant AI, which really grabbed my interest. Super-Giant AI is the next generation of AI that evolves beyond existing artificial intelligence. It can perform comprehensive inference like humans by learning from large amounts of data. Additionally, only 4 countries currently have SuperGiant AI: the United States, China, Israel, and South Korea! This project includes supporting basic software education for elementary and middle school students, developing and sharing high-quality online educational content, and fostering collaboration between local companies and universities. Isn’t it really amazing? KU is creating and leading the foundation for fostering talents in the AI industry. I’m looking forward to seeing what state-of-the-art systems that future students in Korea will be able to establish in the near future.

Thanks to the KT, I can read the latest wave of news from not only Korea but also other countries. Moreover, the more exposure one has to English or any other subject, the more it contributes to self-improvement. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the journalists who consistently write informative articles each quarter. I look forward to reading more engaging articles in the future.

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