The Israel-Hamas War, Resulting in Tremendous Casualties
The Israel-Hamas War, Resulting in Tremendous Casualties
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Recent tensions have gripped the world due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The nation of Israel and the Hamas organization, which governs the Gaza Strip of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, are embroiled in a bitter war that has involved abductions and captive-taking. Let's delve into the Israel-Hamas conflict today.


This conflict started on October 7, 2023, when Hamas initiated an invasion into Israel. Although Israel and Hamas have had skirmishes in the past, the ongoing war is causing substantial casualties. The struggle between Hamas, composed of Palestinians, and Israel over the Gaza Strip dates to the 20th century. Israel’s suppression of Hamas and extreme rebellion by Hamas against Israel have exacerbated the situation, leading to the current outbreak of violence. Additionally, Jerusalem, a city of immense religious importance and a strategic location for Israel, is a focal point in this conflict, making both sides reluctant to surrender.

Current Situation

In November, there was a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, but it lasted only about a week. Six major battles and numerous skirmishes persist, resulting in significant casualties for both sides. Israel has reported over 4,500 injuries and 1,200 deaths, while Hamas has reported over 40,000 injuries and more than 17,000 deaths. When considering the overall impact of the war, including casualties in thirdparty nations, cumulative deaths are at least 18,000, and cumulative injuries exceed 45,000. The war has led to multiple bombings in places where civilians, not just soldiers, gather, including hospitals, schools, and media outlets. The situation of the war is changing rapidly every day, making it difficult to predict its future.

Impact on South Korea

This conflict has brought about several changes in Korea, particularly in the economic sector: these include a decrease in exports to the Middle East and a rise in raw material prices. In addition, there is an instability in international geopolitics and the possibility of a resurgence in oil prices due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


The Israel-Hamas conflict poses difficult problems for the world, and finding precise solutions is challenging. However, to prevent further casualties, the international community and relevant nations must cooperate to end this war. A ceasefire is necessary, and peaceful methods must be sought to resolve the conflict.


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