Enriching Programs Provided during the Fall Semester by KU
Enriching Programs Provided during the Fall Semester by KU
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If you are embarking on or continuing your academic journey and seeking opportunities to harmoniously blend scholarship and experience, Kyungnam University (KU) welcomes you. Our university offers various programs to support your pursuit of diverse experiences and facilitate your journey of academic growth. In this article, we would like to introduce three programs offered by our university: the KU Museum tour, personality psychology courses, and basic & advanced English classes.

Personal Growth Program

The Mind Health Program (MHP) conducted by the Counsel of KU offers a range of humanities and liberal arts courses provided by experts in various fields. These courses aim to enhance individual self-awareness, understanding of others, and community awareness, with the goal of improving emotional recovery and adaptation skills. This program starts on October 6th and continues throughout the fall semester. The slogan for the MHP for the 2023 Fall Semester is “Would you like to have a Mind PT?” The driving concept is for students to attend the MHP and build emotional resilience. The program is highly recommended for new students who have just become adults and are apprehensive about their future in the social and professional world.

Academic Knowledge Acquisition Program

Starting November 7, a special series of English language learning lectures is being provided by the Division of General English Education at KU. It is held every Tuesday for an hour per session, aimed at enhancing fundamental and advanced English learning. In the basic class, taught by professors Hwang Soon-hyang and Han Hak-sun, courses are prepared to help students grasp English patterns. In the advanced class, courses are designed to focus on conversation to help students use the English they already know in practical situations. To enhance proficiency, the advanced classes are conducted by native English-speakers, professors Andrew Stuart Muir and Charlotte Otto.

Cultural Competency Enhancement Program

Do you know what the KU Museum is like? Many students simply pass by the Kyungnam University Museum (KUM), situated in Hanma Mirae Gwan, without recognizing how important it is historically. What follows is a brief history of the KUM and the Terauchi Collection.

Some of the Terauchi Collection displayed in the KUM were forcibly removed from Korea during the Japanese colonial period and only returned recently. As part of KU’s 50th anniversary, school authorities, including President Park Jae Kyu, were interested in retrieving Korean cultural properties that were taken overseas and decided to investigate Korean relics located in Japan. Eventually, President Park and his party met a member of the Korea-Japan Parliamentarians’ Union (KJPU) at Narita Airport in Japan in 1995 and learned the circumstances surrounding the Terauchi Collection. KU decided to pursue the retrieval of the Terauchi Collection through a private academic exchange, and with the help of the KJPU and the Korea-Japan Friendship Association, KU began negotiating with Yamaguchi Prefectural University. The two universities reached an agreement, and on November 11, 1995, they held a ceremony to sign a memorandum to transfer part of Yamaguchi Prefectural University's Terauchi Collection to KU. The exchange took place in January 1996.

The KUM displayed the Terauchi Collection, which is designated as Cultural Property No. 509 of Gyeongsangnam-do. On November 7, 2023, the KUM organized two programs to introduce itself and the Terauchi Collection to students.

-Program 1 . What's Going on at the KU Museum? (November 7th/14th)

In the first session of Program 1, there is an introduction aimed at explaining what the KUM is about. In the second session, you can visit the themed permanent exhibition rooms and the Terauchi Collection for a guided tour.

-Program 2 . "Walking into Masan": A Tour to KU with Explanations (October 16th)

In line with the vision of the KUM's Director, Cho Ho-yeon, to extend the university's impact beyond KU and contribute to the local community, this program is designed to foster an appreciation for Masan's local culture and engage with the university environment.


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