Let's not be Afraid of Communicating.
Let's not be Afraid of Communicating.
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 I am Chae Min-seok, currently enrolled in the Department of Business Administration at Inje University. Recently, I've been looking for various ways to make studying English more enjoyable. Among them, I became interested in reading English newspapers, and thanks to a friend's recommendation, I started reading the Kyungnam Times (KT). Luckily, I also got the chance to write an article. I have read many high-quality articles from KT, and among them, one article that continues to stand out in my memory is ‘Office Workers’ Lunch Time: Is it Working time or Free Time?'

 I had thought of lunchtime as a minimum of one hour dedicated to having lunch. However, conflicting opinions about this concept of lunchtime have arisen, and the keywords for this clash of opinions are 'guarantee of complete freedom.' I realized that the younger generation of workers, particularly those belonging to the MZ generation, view lunchtime as more than just a simple meal; they see it as a time for the free break they desire and as a way to enhance work efficiency. On the other hand, the older generation of workers generally perceive it from the standpoint of overall working hours. They believe that leaving the workplace during lunchtime due to urgent matters is irresponsible. In the end, acknowledging the differences in each other's perspectives and engaging in 'communication' to bridge that gap in thinking might be the key to resolve these conflicting opinions.

 In a situation where I need to prepare for employment, encountering such social issues through English articles was beneficial. Reading the articles also helped me in my English studies, making it a productive time. In the future, if the opportunity arises, I would like to continue reading such insightful articles. Having the chance to access KT was wonderful, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming articles as well.

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