Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.
Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.
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 Hello, my name is Kang Hyun-wook, and I am currently a student majoring in English Education at Kyungnam University. Before my military service, I was involved in journalism activities for The Kyungnam Times. Due to my military service and personal circumstances, I had to take a semester off from university and couldn't continue my journalism activities. However, I have been consistently showing interest by regularly checking SNS and the KT magazines installed at the school. Thanks to a friend who is still engaged in journalism activities, I am grateful to have the opportunity to contribute my writing after a long time.

 There's always an article that I never miss reading, and it's called "Argument & Fact." This article addresses topics where people's opinions are divided, not unified, into agreement and disagreement. People take sides as supporters or opponents of these topics and write articles. As I read these articles, I often find myself pondering whether I am in favor or against the topic. Sometimes, there are parts I don't quite understand, but that's what makes reading these articles interesting for me. The topics of the March and June issues of the magazine were respectively "Support and Opposition for Peak Wage System" and "Is Lunchtime a Suitable Time to Go Home?" I enjoyed reading both with interest.

 I hope that more students at Kyungnam University will take a greater interest in the magazine. The Kyungnam Times magazine contains news related to the university, current hot issues, and well-written articles by professors. While accessing news through Korean articles is beneficial, for those who are interested in English, reading articles in English not only aids in language learning but also provides a chance to gain diverse background knowledge. The more exposure one has to English or any other subject, the more it contributes to improvement of your English skill. Moreover, it's fascinating to read how journalists approach issues that I'm interested in. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the journalists who consistently write informative articles each quarter. I look forward to reading more engaging articles in the future. The Kyungnam Times! Move much forward.

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