KU Selected as 2023 Software-centered University by the Ministry of Science and ICT
KU Selected as 2023 Software-centered University by the Ministry of Science and ICT
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 Recently, Kyungnam University (KU) was selected as a 2023 Software-centered university by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Among the 36 universities that applied, only 11 were selected through the general track, and KU is the first university to be chosen in the Gyeongnam and Ulsan areas. The ‘SW-centered University’ is an industry standard used to reinforce the SW competitiveness of students, companies, and societies and train SW professionals by revolutionizing university education regarding SW.

 This industry standard focuses on offering customized SW education, so majors will be provided practical talents for global competitiveness and non-majors will be provided convergence talents and knowledge of other majors and SW information.

 With this selection, KU is to receive 15 billion won from the government, and 2.2 billion won from the South Gyeongsang Province and Changwon City and industries for eight years. KU itself is to invest 4.5 billion won for the project. In total, 22 billion won will be invested in this project. KU has a business goal of ‘realizing a university that centers on fostering convergence talents in the new future industries of smart manufacturing ICT/SW and AI/SW.’ To fulfill this goal, KU is going to create an educational environment that reflects the current fields and is equipped with the smart laboratory facilities that partner companies require for the cultivation of practical SW talents. such as a Digital Transformation Center, an Open Source SW Laboratory, and a SW Creative Convergence Imagination Room.

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