Let's Not Be Afraid of Making Mistakes.
Let's Not Be Afraid of Making Mistakes.
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I am Kim Dong-min, studying Visual Design at Keimyung University. I happened to read Kyungnam Times (KT) and I am grateful for the opportunity to write a letter to the editor. Among many articles, the title 'Waste no fresh tears over old griefs' caught my eyes. While reading the article, the phrase "The past is the past, so we must overcome it and rise again, and we must not miss the moment that is important to us" made me reflect on my own behavior. Whenever I think I have done something wrong, I tend to dwell on regret and sadness for a long time. This has caused problems in other areas of my life. I once received a low grade on a midterm exam, which not only made me unable to focus on my schoolwork but also made me emotionally sensitive and caused harm to my friends around me. Until now, I have been consumed by sadness and unable to see the fun and happy things around me. But now, I have to change. As the article suggests, let's not turn away from sadness but accept it and use it as a signpost for the future. Mistakes are not shameful. They are something that everyone can do and learn from. Let's think about what we should do and what we should not do through our past mistakes and put it into practice. Then, I definitely think that you will grow one step further than your past self!


I was able to look back on myself and have a good time growing by reading KT's excellent articles. With such a good experience, I will continue to read KT often in the future.

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