Hanma Daedong Festival Held to Celebrate 77th Anniversary of KU
Hanma Daedong Festival Held to Celebrate 77th Anniversary of KU
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Hanma Daedong Festival (HDF), held in October last year, was held this year in May, the month of family. Last year's HDF, held at the end of the year, gave students the atmosphere to enjoy the last of the school year, while this year, it provided a festive atmosphere to announce the beginning of the year. HDF was held from May 17th to the 18th. The road leading from the main gate to the front of the main building was crowded with many booths. In the evening, a night market was held in front of the main building, and performances were held in the main playground behind the main building. Many people enjoyed the festival while listening to the performances on the stage and eating street food at tables arranged in the night market. In addition, on the evening of the second day, the Hanma Theme Park was held at Hanma Hall, which was organized by the Club Association.


Unfortunately, it rained all day on the second day, so the festival was held in the rain. Nevertheless, the Student Council set up tents over the tables at the night market so that people could eat without any inconvenience, and also set up tents for those who were related to the performance. As for this year's celebrity lineup, Lil Kimchi and HOMIES performed on the first day, and Huh-Gak and Gilgu-Bonggu performed on the second day. Many distinguished guests such as Kyungnam University Vice President for Academic Affairs Park Jae-youn, Dean of Graduate School Lim Hyoungjun, Dean of College of Education Cha Mun-ho, and Dean of College of Business Kwon Yeong-hoon attended the Hanma Daedong Festival.

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