KU Alumni Association Awards Scholarships to Nurture Future Talents
KU Alumni Association Awards Scholarships to Nurture Future Talents
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The Kyungnam University Alumni Association (KUAA) awarded 32 million won in scholarships for the first semester of the 2023 school year to their alma mater on May 9 on the 4th floor of the Main Building of Kyungnam University (KU).


KUAA has delivered scholarships to KU annually to support the development of the alma mater and the juniors who will be reborn as future talents every year. This year, the scholarships were delivered to 46 students at KU. KUAA President Kim Dong-gu said, “It is very meaningful to deliver a scholarships to our alma mater which has been leading the diversification of local education and fostering excellent talents with the educational philosophy of truth, freedom, and creation.” In addition, he stated, “All of the 150,000 KU alumni who have advanced into various fields of society will be a strong fence to support the challenges towards the future.” Then Park Jae-youn, Vice President for Academic Affairs, said, “I am deeply grateful to the alumni scholarship donors and officials of the Alumni Association for delivering scholarships to the students at KU.” He also said, “I hope that all the students who receive the scholarship will grow into great talents who can deliver warm hearts to their juniors in the future.”

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