Overcoming Obstacles Like Water
Overcoming Obstacles Like Water
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The words of old saints contain wisdom that is also used in modern society. The words in the Analects of Confucius, "The wise who like water will enjoy pleasure and the virtuous who like mountains will live long," contain advice for the modern people living in a rapidly changing world: Live a slow and static life in wisdom.

The history of the human world, which had originally changed so rapidly that it was difficult to compare with the natural world, has reached another turning point. The AI revolution, science technology that has begun to deviate from human common sense, the depletion of resources and the impoverished environment due to climate disasters, and the threat of new war, etc., now show scary changes to the extent that the word "change" in the past must be redefined.

I'm afraid of this rapid change. Yet, I think the above-mentioned words of Confucius which has lived throughout history well present an answer sheet on 'how to live this chaotic world.' Therefore, I thank the KT reporter of this article for the good commentary on the words of Confucius.

Whether you study, get a job, do music, or walk on any path in the world, obstacles are inevitable on the road. In front of the ordeal, human beings are painful, which is just the way they live as water flows, the reporter says.

We cannot know how long it will take for water to pierce the stone. If you want to do something come true, you have to do the same way the water does. I hope many other people come to understand and practice what he wants to deliver to us through the above- mentioned words of Confucius.

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