A Poet Who Sings a Song of Hope: Kang Won-seok
A Poet Who Sings a Song of Hope: Kang Won-seok
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These days, the world has been rapidly changing due to the dramatic development of technology and globalization. It might be true that we don’t afford to see the stars in the sky and the flowers in the field since we are living a hectic life which makes us just look ahead.

 However, even in this radically changing society, there are still people who sing dreams, stars, and flowers. Among them, I would like to introduce a poet, Kang Won-seok. He studied and got a doctoral degree in Law from KU. He had also worked for the National Assembly, Cheongwadae, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security for more than 20 years. As a poet, he has published seven poetry books so far, including "I'm a Flower for You," four of which have topped the bestseller list. He has been actively working as a lyricist as well, singing nature and people in this tough and barren society, delivering hopes and dreams to many people.

 On June 15 of 2022, the Kyungnam Provincial Police Agency invited him to ask for a special lecture for the employees under the theme of "People who read poems color their dreams." Through this theme, he tried to inform them of the hope and beauty that can be gained through the city, helping them to build humanities knowledge.

 In addition, he had acted as a goodwill ambassador for the Korean Red Cross (KRC). Regarding the good example that he showed, the Chairman of KRC, Shin Heeyoung said that Kang Won-seok and his composition team dedicated the song "Picasso's Dream" to KRC, which was produced at their own expense to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Children's Day. The song was officially released at 12 p.m. on May 2 through major music sites at home and abroad.

 The lyric of "Picasso's Dream" was written by Kang Won-seok, based on one of his poems. It is a remake of the song released in 2021 by the singer Kim Hyun-ah. and was performed by the Gyeonggi Boys and Girls Choir, led by the leader Ham Kyung-ah. It contains hopeful lyrics to wish that children who have been unable to go to school nor been able to play freely due to the long-lasting COVID-19 would have beautiful dreams as if drawing pictures.

 Woo Ji-won, a fifth-grader of Taejang Elementary School in Suwon, enhances the song with his clear and beautiful voice, and the chorus of the Gyeonggi Boys and Girls Choir adds beauty to the song. The picture of the album jacket was drawn by Kim Ha-yeon, a third grader of Jungdae Elementary School in Seoul, after listening to the song. As such, the album is greatly anticipated in that children and adults have united to produce such a valuable and hopeful work.

 Kang Won-seok, who organized the album, said, "I think it is very meaningful to dedicate a clear and fine song to KRC, which will offer children across the world an opportunity to enjoy the music and lyric of the song. I hope this song will bring hope to our society in difficult times." He also hoped that "There will be many opportunities to serve society with good songs in the future." The proceeds from the music will be used for scholarship projects for teenagers who do not give up their dreams and develop them even in difficult circumstances through KRC.

 Shin Hee-young, the chairman of KRC, said, "I hope this song will instill dreams and hopes in our children who cannot play freely due to COVID-19," adding, "KRC will continue to strive to spread humanitarian spirit and values through sharing activities for needy neighbors and developing various contents."

 Kang Won-seok, who conveys hope and warmth to so many people, wishes that his hopes and dreams will continue to be spread. In closing this article, I would like to introduce you to his representative poem, “When walking on the flower path.”


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