IFES and UNKS Sign a Business Agreement with the National Assembly Library
IFES and UNKS Sign a Business Agreement with the National Assembly Library
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  • 승인 2022.09.20 08:38
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In the conference room of the Institute for Far Eastern Studies(IFES) in Samcheongdong in Seoul, IFES and University of North Korean Studies (UNKS) signed MOU (Memorandum of Unerstanding) to establish a 'National Strategy Information Platform' with the National Assembly Library (NAL) (Director Lee Myung-woo) on Thursday, June 23. Through this MOU, each agency agreed to cooperate on the establishment and operation of a national strategic information platform in the NAL, mutual use and promotion of online and offline information, and human exchange and work in education and research. Through the National Strategy Information Platform, the NAL will systematically provide strategic information necessary for national policy development and future strategy establishment. In addition, the IFES and UNKS will produce and provide national strategy and future outlook data to the NAL. Lee Kwan-sei, Director of IEFS, said, "It is very important to preemptively discover and present the country's mid- to long-term agenda at a time when the international situation, including the Korean Peninsula, is strictly developed, and it is very meaningful that Kyungnam University's IFES has a foundation to provide information more effectively.” Lee Myung-woo, Director of NAL, thought that research on North Korea and unification was essential in establishing a national strategy. Kyungnam University hopes that the valuable research results obtained through the National Strategy Information Platform will contribute to the establishment of a national development strategy for peace on the Korean Peninsula.


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