KU Alumni Association Holds Scholarship Delivery Ceremony for 2022 Spring Semester
KU Alumni Association Holds Scholarship Delivery Ceremony for 2022 Spring Semester
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The KU Alumni Association (Chairman Kim Dong-gu) awarded 30 million won in scholarship money for the first semester of the 2022 school year to undergraduate students of KU at the conference room on the 4th floor of the main building on June 23. The scholarship ceremony was attended by KU President Park Jae Kyu, Chairman of the Alumni Association Kim Donggu, Chairman of Muhak Group Choi Jae-ho, Senior Vice-President General of the Alumni Association Lee Jae-bong, Chairman of the Sanghwa Painting Development Lee Yeon-ho, Chairman of the Board of Simsan Seoul Hospital Kim Jung-ki, Representative of Seojin Air Travel Agency Lee Sang-kyu, CEO of Welltem Park Jung-woo, and CEO of Aideul Corporation Park Hee-seok. The alumni scholarship depositors delivered the money to 37 students at KU for the development of KU and cultivation of future talents with love toward their juniors. President Kim Dong-gu said, "We thank KU and President Park Jae Kyu for making best efforts to foster and cultivate future talents to go on to the worldwide stage beyond the region," adding "We will be strong supporters so that all our alma mater juniors can achieve their dreams and goals.“ Choi Jae-ho, Chairman of Muhak Group, said, "The alumni have ben working hard to develop and grow their alma mater for a long time. As the alumni always support the dreams and futures of their juniors, I hope KU will not spare a lot of support and attention to the growth and development of the alumni." President Park Jae Kyu said, "I would like to thank Kim Dong-gu and the people who donated scholarships for students," adding, "As the warm hearts of seniors for juniors gathered even in difficult times, we will try to grow all students into excellent talents so that they can participate in various fields of society."


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