“Solitude, a luxury of the rich”
“Solitude, a luxury of the rich”
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One of the greatest French novelists and philosophers, Albert Camus, once said, “solitude, a luxury of the rich.” This particular saying by Camus is applicable, especially in today’s time, meaning, easy access to the internet and communication with acquaintances and friends. Despite these great technological feats, people should find time to reflect on themselves. By doing so, they can organize their thoughts and find meaning in their own life. However, modernization has made it difficult for an individual to be disconnected from the ongoings of reality. As a result, many people, these days, do not have set goals and understanding about themselves; but depend on social interactions for mutual understanding. This is where Camus is most applicable- the nature of solitude. Solitude can be many things. For example, having a vacation on a beautiful private beach, taking a trip by your private airplane, and using your own car instead of public transportation filled with exhausted people during rush hour. However, solitude is not really a luxury only for the rich. There are many ways you can enjoy the same luxury: turning off your phone, having lunch alone, walking along the park at night alone, traveling, and so on. Even though being part of a crowd gives you a feeling of connection, delight, and stability, it does not teach you the values of being yourself. In conclusion, have time to think about yourself and your own meaning of what life is to you. Only then will you be able to understand yourself and the goals you can achieve


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