“What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger”
“What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger”
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Sometimes we go through adversity, fall into despair. In my case, I neither wanted to be sick nor do anything difficult. However, now I decide to endure all the things mentioned above. 

  A while back, I used to complain about adversity. Everything in the world seemed to interfere with my life. However, by chance, I read a book by Friedrich Nietzsche, who was a German philosopher. While reading it, a sentence was imprinted in my mind: “What does not kill me makes me stronger.” It reminded me of what babies do; walk. Surely, babies are not able to walk at first; and it must be painful for a baby to fall over constantly. However, by going through this process of falling and trying again the baby can learn from his mistakes and just learn how to walk.
Although everything looks the same, in fact one's growth is the fruit of one's efforts. Pain came and will come again, but I will no longer resist it. Imagine that you are doing something comfortable and easy for you all the time. Such a life will never make you grow physically and mentally. Inevitably, anyone in the world is bound to go through hardship, which can be nourishment for your growth and fruits. So, it would be much better to welcome what does not kill you.

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