The Chairman of UNKS, Kim Sun-hyang, Published Golden Rose: Journal of Poems 2
The Chairman of UNKS, Kim Sun-hyang, Published Golden Rose: Journal of Poems 2
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KT Reporter

Kim Sun-hyang is the Chairman of the University of North Korean Studies, Vice President of the Korean Red Cross, an English Literature professor, and acclaimed author. She has studied and translated poems written by John Donne (an acclaimed poet) and published them as collections of poetry, which made her well-known as an author. As a follow-up to her first published work, Journal of Poems, she then published Golden Rose: Journal of Poems 2, a collection of poems consisting of 70 entries. Her entries are about her younger years in North Korea to her days as a professor of English Literature. They also authentically depict the past relationships she has made in her life. In the representative poem, “Golden Roses,” she makes the comparison between immortality and mortality; and draws on philosophical dialogue to convey her emotions on readers. Many distinguished writers have given valuable reviews on the book including: Kwak Hyo-hwan, Executive director of the Daesan Foundation, Lee Mi-seon, Chief of the Division of Arete Classic Education, and Choi Dong-ho, a poet and member of the Korea Academy of Arts. Kwak Hyo-hwan stated, “In the poems ‘Unforgettable Name’ and ‘Those Who Come to Mind’ which depict a young man who she met as a child during evacuation of the Korean War and an American family who she met while studying in America, respectively, the author’s past experiences have become golden roses, pouring golden lights on the lives and relationships of poets, families, and people around the world.


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