LINC+ Holds Chungbaji Innovation Project Competition Awards
LINC+ Holds Chungbaji Innovation Project Competition Awards
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KT Co-editor

The Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation(LINC+) held an award ceremony for the Chungbaji (Youth Changing Community) Innovation Project Competition at the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation building on June 23rd. The competition was held with the aim of fostering talents suitable for local universities and sharing and spreading the best cases through the operations of community-linked subjects.

The grand prize was honored by Deokdong (Kim Jin-kyu, a representative student from the Department of Economics & Finance) and YongHoSangBak (Kim Chae-young, a representative student from the Department of Tourism Studies). The Deokdong team, which took a course in Cultural Economics, participated with the title of Deokdong Renaissance Project. They identified the reasons and problems of the vitalization of restaurants and cafes in Deokdong Village, Changwon, where disliked facilities such as a sewage treatment plant and a household waste landfill are located, and suggested directions for future development and new village models. The YongHoSangBak Team, which took courses in Islands Tourism Development and Operation, gave a presentation under the theme of the development of Tongyeong Yonghodo, which was an explanation about the Relationship of Yonghodo. They were highly praised for their strategies to sustain tourism by presenting residents' stories and discovering cultural resources of Tongyeong Yonghodo, and presenting a vision for the tourism industry in Yonghodo.

Jung Eun-hee, a head of the Community Innovation Center, said, "Year after year, the ways students look at and solve local problems are more challenging and advancing such as forming a network with local members. It was meaningful to see students working on the project as regional social innovators despite the difficulty of face-to-face evaluation due to COVID-19."


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