Go for it!
Go for it!
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By Ock Jun-ho
Senior of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at student Ulsan University

This is my first time reading KT and there was an article that really came to me. That article is about the experiences abroad as an exchange student. In fact, I do not have any exchange student experience however personally I think I have lots of international experience through various ways. And by those experiences I learned lots of things. When you go abroad you do not just learn language of that country. You can learn how to overcome obstacles in your life, what you should live for, and how big the world is. There are far more to learn and feel besides the things I just described. Of course, you can also learn language although I am saying that there are a lot bigger things than that. I always tell people to have as many experiences as they can because it will make them grow. This article showed me exactly how I felt after my time in the foreign country. It is telling us what she learned, how she lived, and how she struggled to win her goals. It is not just telling us we must apply for an exchange student program to improve our language skill. I saw a lot of people who are afraid to apply for the program that is held abroad. I fully agree to the sentence saying that you cannot miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After all, life is short and it may be regrettable if we do not even try at all. I hope the readers of this article can gain courage to challenge a new experience and encounter a new world.


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