With the Sound of Creation and Truth, Kyungnam University Broadcasting Station
With the Sound of Creation and Truth, Kyungnam University Broadcasting Station
  • By Cho Hye-lin
  • 승인 2020.03.14 14:24
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KT Senior Reporter

You may have some experiences of going to school hearing broadcasts whatever the time is. One day you could start your day with delight by hearing cheerful quotes or could get some interesting facts. By the way, have you ever thought about where these broadcasts came from? You could only hear voices, but there is a station behind you that works for you. This is Kyungnam University Broadcasting Station (KUBS). I had an interview with Kim Mu-jun, a director of KUBS and a student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to introduce KUBS.

Could you introduce KUBS?

“Hi, with the sound of creation and truth, this is KUBS. It is a central radio station representing KU. It has made and broadcasted programs of cultural things, media coverages, and entertainments to develop proper culture of university and cultivate emotion for KU students since 1977. It consists of four departments: organizing department, engineering department, department of announcers, and press section. The organizing department makes scripts for each program, the engineering department takes charge of audio and recording, the department of announcer broadcasts, and the press section introduces news and events of KU.”

What are KUBS’s main tasks?

“The work of KUBS can be divided into three main tasks: broadcasting regular radio programs, progressing KU Song Festival, and participating several events in KU. Firstly, members of KUBS broadcast regular radio programs every morning, lunchtime, and evening for 30 to 40 minutes. The program name of the morning broadcast is With Wings in the Morning. It begins with topics related with energetic sayings, weather, recently released songs, and yesterday’s hot topic keywords. We broadcast a variety of topics such as cultural things, media coverage and entertainment at lunchtime and in the evening. Among them, we started special communicative broadcast last year. The program’s name is Are You Hearing Now? KU students can send song requests on Facebook and two randomly chosen students are given gift icons every week.

Secondly, KUBS takes charge of KU Song Festival which is a part of Daedong Festival. All of our members proceed with all parts such as making posters, evaluating preliminaries, and promoting the festival by ourselves. Like this, we are in charge of planning, directing, promoting, and filming. All members have a number of rehearsals till late to light up the festival during the preparing period. We encourage the participation of KU students and attract their interest by holding KU Song Festival. KUBS’s aim is that any KU students can enjoy the festival in campus. We are taking applications during April and the final contest is held every May. If you win the grand prize, you can get as much as 500,000 won.

Lastly, KUBS participates in various events in KU. Our members encourage KU graduates for the hardships they have endured and cheer for their new beginning at the graduation ceremony. We also choose music appropriate for the graduation and fresh starts. We also conduct press conference and are in charge of taking photographs.”

Now, I think you are curious about how you can be a member of KUBS. Anyone can apply for cub membership with a sincere attitude and passion. You should choose one department when you apply. However, you have to pass not only your department’s test but all the four departments’ (organizing department, engineering department, department of announcers, and press section) tests to be a formal member. This process is called on-mike, and it is carried out during every vacation. If you become a formal member, you will be paid scholarship and activity costs as well as gaining invaluable experience. How about applying to be a new member? This experience will brighten your university life even more. If you want more information, you can visit the website below.

교육방송국 페이스북 (https://www.facebook.com/kubs2941/)


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