Waste no fresh tears over old griefs.
Waste no fresh tears over old griefs.
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Everyone faces sadness, such as when they have no results from their efforts, when they break up with their loved ones, or when they lose something precious. These things can be a great stress to yourself, and you can feel depressed or shed tears. When faced with grief, it can be helpful to accept it instead of trying to suppress it. Meeting friends, going on a trip, listening to sad music, and shedding tears while watching a movie are things that can relieve heart wounds. But you shouldn't be in sorrow for too long. We are all moving forward, and time does not wait for us. It is natural that you cannot control everything at your disposal in your life.

It is courageous to accept grief without suppressing it. But letting go of that sadness is also something you should do. New people and new tomorrows can always bring you to new emotions. It's time to let go of your sadness. Waste no fresh tears over old griefs. It's a message you have to engrave in your life. We don't have to carry the feelings we felt today until tomorrow, nor do we have to grieve over the past in the face of new people and new things.

The past is the past, so we must overcome it and rise again, and we must not miss the moment that is important to us.

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