Literature Awards of KU: 3.15 Youth Literature Awards & 10.18 Literature Awards
Literature Awards of KU: 3.15 Youth Literature Awards & 10.18 Literature Awards
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KT Editor

3.15 Youth Literature Awards
KU held the 2nd annual 3.15 Youth Literature Awards to commemorate the freedom, democracy, and justice of the first democratic movement in modern Korean history; and to communicate the history and values of democracy with the young generation. The 3.15 Youth Literature Awards was co-hosted by KU and The Society of 3.15 Democracy Movement (Chairman Kim Jang-hui) on June 2nd.
Many officials, including President Park Jae Kyu and Chairman Kim Jang-hui, attended the 3.15 Youth Literature Award following COVID-19 guideline. The ceremony was conducted for university students nationwide, with total submissions of 135 poems,  26 short stories, and 5 fairy tale anecdotes. , The winners are as follows: Kim Young-wook (Department of Korean Language & Literature, 3rd year) of KU won best poem, Kim Soo-jung (Department of Creative Writing, 3rd year) of Seoul Institute of the Arts won best short story,  and Kim Min (Department of Literary Creative Writing, 4th year) of Dankook University won  best fairy tale story.
President Park congratulated the winners saying, "Congratulations on winning the literature award to inherit the historical meaning and value of 3. 15 Democracy Movement, Korea’s first democratic movement." Chairman Kim Jang-hui also gave few words saying, “KU is a university that leads local democratization. The 3.15 Youth Literature Awards were held to inspire young people with the spirit of 3.15 Democracy Movement."

10.18 Literature Awards 
KU has been holding its own 10.18 Literature Awards since 1987 to celebrate the spirit of Bu-Ma Democratic Protests, which began in Busan and Masan in 1979. The Literature Awards are to encourage KU students to utilize their creativity and writing skills by creating various forms of literature, such as poetry, essays, and short stories. Every year, KU and the Busan Democratic Movement Memorial Association co-host the ceremony and hosted by the KU Press.  Students may submit any form of literary work that reflects their thoughts and opinions about the democratic protest. 
 The 35th Annual10.18 Literature Awards, began on June 14, and the ceremony will be held on September 24. Participants have to select a literary category and submit their work according to the guidelines: 3 pieces are required in poetry (traditional poetry, children's poem), 10 pages on A4 paper in short story, and about 2 pages of A4 paper for essay. The winner of each category will receive prize money: 500,000 won for poetry, 1,000,000 million won for short story and 500,000 won for essay. If you wish to participate, you can apply through the administrative support team at the KU Press.


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