KU, Along with Globalization
KU, Along with Globalization
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By Choi Na-young, Cho Hye-lin



Nowadays, globe is getting close more and more. The rate of traveling abroad keeps rising, and overseas employment becomes normal. This current phenomenon has been called ‘Globalization.’ KU also made globalized programs along with it. Students have already had various overseas experiences thanks to KU. Let’s look at what they are.

  1. Hawai’i Pacific University for Students of Nursing

  2. Nowadays, to have various global experiences is a helpful strategy to success at job seeking. KU has tried hard to train its students as global leaders, ensuring their successful graduation and employment. So KU has offered language-culture trips for students to go abroad. Moreover, KU also run some special programs for specific majors which are good for improving their knowledge for major as well as language skill. Here is English for Nurses Program with Hawai’i Pacific University for students of Nursing. This program has two main goals. The first one is for students of Nursing to study deeply about Nursing by experiencing overseas medical facilities, sharing their opinion about medical issues with foreign students. Another one is to improve their English, especially related with medical terms, to fulfill all these goals effectively. The program lasts for 14 days. English classes and medical classes are firmly planned in those 14 days’ schedule. It only has icebreaking time in the first day of program to adjust at the university. The second day of school is the real starting day. English classes are more often than medical class at the beginning. Nursing classes become more and more often as time goes by. There are four seminars about following topics: Transforming nursing education, Transcultural nursing, Cultural nursing issues, and Pharmacy and prescriptions. Professors or doctors give a speech about them at the seminars. There are also two observations to visit nursing classes and Castle Wellness Center and two simulations about CPR codes, labor, and new born. All of these schedules are happens in the weekdays, so students can have a free time in the weekends.

    According to participants on the program, 14 days in Hawai’i Pacific University was very happy and instructive experience. They satisfied with this program for the reason they can attain medical knowledge, hear thinking of foreign students of nursing, visit many kinds of landmarks in Hawai’i, and eat many local foods. They especially liked some activities among 14 days’ schedule. First, they loved visiting castle wellness center because they were surprised at the very different system operating hospital and structure of the hospital building and not different mind of practical nurses at the center. Second, they were impressed about labor simulation which they had never done before in Korea. They could apply methods such as Leopold’s maneuver that they only had seen in the book. Third, to know how they have different opinions on same medical issues with foreign students were interesting. In addition, they said sightseeing in their free time was fun. They mentioned Waikiki beach which is known for wonderful surfing spot and Kualoa Ranch, a filming site of Jurassic park, are very good place to visit. Moreover, they said they enjoyed many local foods such as acal ball and poke.

2. Kyungnam University’s Overseas Business Team

This is the program of the department of International Trade and Logistics for KU students so that all of them can experience international markets. The participants consist of not only students of the department of International Trade and Logistics but any KU students. It has been operated since 2006 and designated as its characterization business at 2008. KU dispatches 90 students to three countries (30 students for each country) twice a year, winter and summer vacation. The students travel among Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Students can experience small sum trade by selling Korean products overseas and selling overseas products in Korea. They visit KOTRA, the Chamber of Commerce& Industry, businesses and ports to acquire information on international markets, and analyze them through discussions or group studies. They also visit overseas universities which set up a sisterhood relationship with KU and have meetings with local university students. KU provides language programs for students to learn English or languages of the countries they are going to.

Students who have joined the program can get confidence in international markets, recognize their lack and try to make up for it. They also show high employment rate and the enrolled students participate increasingly. Following is an essay from a participant.


Lee Dong-wook from the Department of International Trade and Logistics

“I really hoped to spend my winter vacation meaningfully. As I heard a lot of recommendations from my friends and professors, I decided to join Kyungnam University’s Overseas Business Team. It was my first time to go abroad so I was excited but worried a lot.

Firstly, my team went to Hong Kong. It was a relief that native people were kind and very communicative. Accordingly, I could communicate with my poor English, which made me so confident that I can adapt to any foreign country.

The main activity was Sillabang. Each team sold products which had prepared from Korea and donated their profits. The team which got a great deal of profits was able to get high scores at the final completion ceremony and I really wanted to get the first place. I was a little awkward at first, but soon, I was able to deal with natives based on my experience working at a department store. My team members tried to explain the purpose of the program clearly so we were able to attract a number of people. I felt great joy that I could persuade natives and get recognition.

Another memorable activity was performing pungmul (Korean traditional culture) at Vietnam. It was optional activity but I applied for. Other members and I had to practice for the performance before going to Vietnam. We practiced hard even though it was early morning and very cold, so after finishing the performance, my eyes were watering by the mixed emotions of relief and regret.

After coming back to Korea, we held market in KU. We sold products which we bought with the profits before. All the products from each team were sold out so we could finish cheerfully. Moreover, my team won the first place and got an award from the president.

It became the most meaningful and unforgettable memory in my university life. It gave me confidence, precious relationships, and joy of cooperating with other people and achieving the goal. The winter in 2019 was the hottest for me.”

  1. Japan  JENESYS 2018

    Department of Japanese Education held a sports exchange meeting with Hokusho University, which is in Japan, on November 27, 2018. A goal of this event is promoting the region through sports. KU invited students and workers of Hokusho University and governors of Hokkaido to execute the goal. They enjoyed many life- long sports programs such as volleyball. Moreover, this exchange meeting is one of the events of JENESYS 2018. It is a governmental business to promote mutual understandings between Korea and Japan.


    The 8th Joint Seminar of Business Presentaion between Japan and Korea

    Two students of School of Business Administration of KU participated in the 8th joint seminar of business presentation between Japan and Korea at Pukyong National University from February 8th, 2019 to February 10th, 2019. There were many other universities and colleges such as Pukyong National University, Kyungpook National University, Dong-a University, and Chonnam National University. In addition, many Japanese universities and colleges took part in the seminar, too. They had a wide variety of English presentation about analyzing businesses and monitored cases. KU students made public speech about corporate culture of ‘Lotte mart’ and ‘GS supermarket’ at the seminar and they got a big praise for their actual field research from other participants. One of the KU students said, “I was very suppressed at the first place because of English. However, I feel very confident after having a speech successfully. I was also strongly impressed by other students’ passion and motivated.” Additionally, Kim Eun-sil, a professor of School of Business Administration of KU, who directed two KU participants encouraged for other KU students to challenge many wonderful opportunities without hesitancy.


    4. KU Conducted the Signboard Hanging Ceremony of Korea-China Art University of Arts and Design

    KU conducted the signboard hanging ceremony of Korea-China University of Arts and Design at Jianxing Nanyang University of Job and Technic which is located in Shanghai, China as well as Korean language education center and research station for students’ practical training. From now on, Korea-China University will provide various curriculums related to major in design and Korean language education for the Chinese students who are preparing studying in Korea. A systematic learning system is planning to be established to foster talented people who have capability of their major and Korean fluency. Plus, KU students will be able to have a chance for field trips at Shanghai to reinforce the global competence.


    The Department of Korean Language and Literature Held a Seminar with Jilin University of Foreign Studies at China

    The department of Korean Language and Literature changed its Korean name and, and reorganized its curriculum for Korean language teacher. The subject of the seminar was about organizing and operating the curriculum for an efficient Korean language education. The participants of the seminar explained the operation of the Korean language teaching certificate course, got various advices, and had time to compare Korean language curriculum in Korea with that of Chinese. During the seminar, there were management and prospect of the curriculum, developing programs for Korean and Chinese students who study Korean language, and various discussions on operating the curriculum and Korean language education in general.

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