Interesting Stories about Part-Time jobs
Interesting Stories about Part-Time jobs
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By Han Eun-ji

A senior of the Dept. of English


I think the KT has a lot of interesting stories in their publication. I met KT for the first time when I was a freshman. The KT’s various articles attracted my mind, so I read many stories and interviews about KU. In addition, I was able to get some useful information through the KT and I could improve my reading skills after reading articles. For these reasons, I want to introduce KT to KU students. The KT will help KU students learn a lot about KU and improve their English skills.

Among many articles, the most memorable article I have seen recently is the story about part-time jobs. The title of article is “Why Don’t You Do Challenging Part-Time Jobs?” written by Han Da-hyeon. I could read stories about three students who had experienced unusual part-time jobs. I think this topic is very closely related to KU students. Most students probably have experience working part-time jobs just for their tuition fee, travel, pocket money. However, three people in this article have an unforgettable memory through part-time jobs not just making money. Moreover, they think part-time job is a very special experience in their life. I was happy to hear various stories and thoughts about part-time jobs through this article.

I recommend this article to KU students who want to read interesting stories. I also agree with the editor’s opinion to try various experiences because you will not know until you have tried something.

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