Evaluate Your Classes in Essay Contest
Evaluate Your Classes in Essay Contest
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By Lee Do-hyeon


Have you heard about an essay contest which was held in May? It was the Class Review essay contest which is a contest about writing about a passion or teaching methods in classes you heard at recent semester. Although it was the second time this year, this contest might be new to most students. I interviewed Bae Cho-hee, a researcher in the Center for Teaching and Learning, to get more information about this.  

What is the purpose of the Class Review essay contest 

The purpose is to share positive aspects about the regular course of study. While taking a class, everyone has different attitude toward classes. Some of the students work hard in their class, but others do not. If you read an essay about students who work hard and have clear goals, positive aspects like working hard in class might spread out. 

Do you have anything to say to students? 

The Class Review essay contest is held regularly. I recommend you make your own story while taking a class. I think classes are not always fun to take. However, it might be fun to take a class with the thought of telling information about the positives in class. Therefore, it must be good to write about classes that are touched. 

To tell you more about the experience, I also interviewed two KU students who have participated in the essay contest. They are Ko Su-bin, a sophomore in the Department of Home Economics Eduaction, and Choi Ji-woo, a senior in the Department of Science Education. 

Why did you join the essay contest? 

Su-bin: “I have seen many contests, but I felt that my ability was not enough to take part. I also could not participate in the contests easily because I have lower confidence. However, when I saw the Class Review essay contest, I just came up with writings about my major class which gave me a lot of enlightenment. Accordingly, I participated in the contest to talk about my enlightenment and look back on my attitudes toward the class. 

Ji-woo: “I used to be curious about the class plans all semesters. Having this curiosity, I luckily saw a notice about the Class Review essay contest on KU’s homepage. I thought it was a chance to find out the answer to my curiosity. As a result, I participated in the essay contest. 

How did your thoughts about the class change after writing the essay? 

Su-bin: “I looked back at the class that I had taken and found information about the class to write the essay. Looking back at the class, I was reminded that I made a pamphlet about real life problems related to family. Through these activities, I tried to find out how to solve these problems. After writing the essay, I learned about practical problem solving abilities. Using these abilities, I want to teach a new lesson to my future students. 

Ji-woo: “It was really hard for me to follow the class at first because of too many assignments, so I was wondering about the amount of assignments. To know the professor’s intention, I wrote the essay. After writing the essay, my mind changed. I found the professor’s intention to let students learn important things through the assignments. 

Do you have anything to say to other students? 

Su-bin: Be confident and view the teaching methods with an open mind.”  

Ji-woo: “Take classes that you can learn a lot of things and do not miss the deadline of the contest.” 

For those who want to participate in the essay contest 

Sadly, the Class Review essay contest just finished in May. I think you might be disappointed about this situation. By the way, do not worry about this. There is the Study Group essay contest in October. You need to write an essay about study groups to participate in this contest. You can write about group assignments, study groups for certificates or TOEIC, and reading groups. In addition, you can put the content of what the differences between studying alone and studying in groups are. To participate in the contest, you need to send pictures and writings about study groups. If you want to write the essay or join contests that are interesting, I want you to join, study, and write about study groups. 

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