Writing Center Always Open to KU Students
Writing Center Always Open to KU Students
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By Jeon So-hyeon

There is the wise saying, “Writing is to express one's thoughts. If you do not know how to write, it means you are not good at expressing. Writing is becoming important in education these days. For that reason, KU opened Writing Center. Have you ever had a hard time writing? Then, Writing Center can help you how to write. To your surprise, it is free. I interviewed Kim Eun-jung, a director of Writing Center. Let’s find some useful information about Writing Center. 

Importance of Writing in Liberal Arts 

Writing is the most important area in all parts of education as well as liberal arts. According to the results of a survey for graduates from elite universities, writing is consistently selected as the most useful subject after entering into society. Therefore, KU is improving its writing courses in a way that actively helps students to build core competencies for success. The ability is required to express their thoughts. Current writing style will be replaced with a reflective writing, in which writer can be the subject and tell his or her stories. This change has prompted positive responses from students. Thanks to these positive responses, KU's writing course plays an even more important role as a powerful source for student’s success. 

The Purpose of KU Writing Center 

It is important for readers to read and understand your writing. If you do not do a proofreading, even if you can understand it, the readers cannot understand it. Therefore, to write perfectly, proofreading of own writing is essential. Writing Center was established in the form of a customizing service to correct students writing directly by professors. Writing tutoring is the most important activity in Writing Center. Customizing program provides personalized face-to-face corrections for writing assignments and writing cover letters for employment. Thus, the purpose of Writing Center is to help students by developing student’s writing ability. 

Support for Students in Writing Center 

Students can get many helps in Writing Center. Professors help students by checking their reports and self-introduction letters for employment. One of the best tutoring services which students get is cover letter tutoring. Students can get personality education in the process of accurately recognizing what they are trying to say.  

How to Apply for Writing Center and Tips 

You can apply for writing tutoring through the e-class system of KU. You can choose the tutoring time or the professors that you want. The instruction times which the professors are in charge of hosted on Writing Center homepage every semester. Besides, orientation about Writing Center is held every beginning of the semester. One thing needs to be noted. You should send your manuscript to Writing Center before receiving any tutorial because the professor in charge of can provide more systematic guidance by reviewing the manuscript before tutoring. The best tip for effective use of Writing Center is to rewrite and re-tutoring based on what you have received from tutoring. The more you fix it, the more perfect it is. 

Result Achieved Through Writing Center 

Writing Center helps students to write a lot, including how to write reports and cover letter to participate various contests. Above all, face-to-face writing correction with the professors is very helpful for you to correct your writing. Even the graduates constantly ask if they can have help again from Writing Center. This question proves that students with experience using the Writing Center have received a lot of help. Students assessments show that they have received a lot of help. Creative Writing is a compulsory course in liberal education. If you are a student of KU, you must take Creative Writing class. This indicates that literacy is important in university. Writing is always what you need the most. You can have any help at the writing center. 

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