Why Don’t You Do Unique Part-Time Jobs?
Why Don’t You Do Unique Part-Time Jobs?
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By Han Da-hyeon



What kinds of part-time jobs have you ever done? In my case, I have worked at a family restaurant and private educational institution. Like this, there are many kinds of part-time jobs such as serving food, tutoring, and working at cafés, convenience stores, PC rooms, and movie theaters. These can be means of saving money, but aren’t they boring? I think there may be some unique part-time jobs with both fun and money. Do you agree with the fact that the experience of having a unique part-time job will be an unforgettable memory in your life? There are three KU students who have done unusual part-time jobs and I interviewed them. I think that their experience must have been interesting and helpful as they were uncommon part-time jobs.


  1. Jeong Yu-jin from the Department of Tourism Studies

    “I worked at a wedding hall as a part-timer last year. I planned to travel abroad, so I needed a lot of money. Then, my senior suggested this part-time job and I accepted it because the payment was higher than normal part-time jobs. Plus, I have done many kinds of part-time jobs, but it was unusual to me! For those reasons, I started it. I prepared the wedding ceremony on the day of the wedding by setting the photo tables, the reception desks, helping rehearsals for having weddings, and holding bridals’ dresses. I think it was a very special experience because, as you know, the wedding ceremony is the most beautiful moment in someone’s life. While I worked at the wedding hall, the fact that I helped the moment to be more beautiful was very inspiring. If you find any part-time job later, I want to recommend this work. I am sure that it will be a fun and interesting experience to you!”


  2. Han Min-jeong from the Department of English Education

    “I worked at a Coupang warehouse in Seoul. In the warehouse, there are many kinds of works. Among them, I mostly worked in packing products and arranging boxes. Packing means finding the products, scanning the bar codes, and packing the products. It was very simple. Arranging boxes means finding the same boxes, collecting, and moving them to the specific areas. It was very hard because the boxes’ weight varied a lot. I almost got hurt on my waist. Many people asked me why you had worked in Seoul. It was because, in my hometown, Geoje, there were few opportunities to work, so my friends recommended this work to me. The biggest advantage of this work was that the payment was given immediately after working. While working at the warehouse, I was surprised because there were different age groups. I was certain that there would be many university students like me, but there were more old men than students. In addition, I experienced a division of labor and people only worked without talking to each other. It was like Modern Times of Charles Chaplin. It was desolate, but if you need money desperately, I recommend this part-time job.”


  3. Kim Min-ji from the Department of Korean Education

    “I have worked at Hanma dormitory now. I am a very active person and have lived in the dormitory, so I think it is killing two birds with one stone. My work is to check every student in each room, prepare events for the students such as ‘Challenge! Golden Bell!’ and a campaign, monitor the cafeteria meals, receive complaints, and try to improve them. At the first time, my work was taking a roll call and patrolling. Over times, there are new events for the students, so I have difficulty combining this work with studies. However, I feel great to be able to solve the problems that students filed. Unlike other part-time jobs, the payment would be given after every semester. It is good to have a part-time job outside of KU, but I hope many students know that there are also part-time jobs that you can do inside of KU.”Although the experience of part-time jobs may be just a way of earning money, I think that such experience can be worthy in your life. You will not know until you have tried it. After you do something directly, you can know what it is like. I recommend you experience various things because you are still young!

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