To Be the Master of Study
To Be the Master of Study
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By Seo Yun-jin


Do you know the TV program, Retrieve Study King? In this program, casts introduces their own tips of study. These may be helpful for you to improve the efficiency of study. However, it can cause the opposite effect if you just imitate without considering your study habits. This shows the importance of finding suitable methods of study for individuals. I interviewed three KU students who have their own methods of study for you who have hard time finding out own methods of study. I hope you just refer to them and create your own way to study.


  1. Byun Jae-hun from the School of Mechanical Engineering

    “In reality, it is rare for university students to review what they have already learned on that day. However, I made my own strict rules to go to the classroom earlier than existing class hours and review what I learned in the previous class for five to ten minutes. Although it is a short time, it is very helpful to remember what I have learned before and it can also let me use my time efficiently during the exam period. In addition, you should not neglect the basic concepts in order to keep up with the advanced contents of the classes. Students in the School of Mechanical Engineering, in particular, need to use lots of formulas to deal with various theoretical problems about engineering. This is why reviewing the basic concepts is essential. As I need a long time to understand something, it is not easy to make out everything in class hours. Thus, it gave me a helping hand to study with my friends discussing some problems that I do not understand well. Since we are friends, I can ask questions comfortably and understand the answers better. This way helps me to study perfectly, even if it takes a long time. Students who major in the school of Mechanical Engineering will learn the profound courses as their grades go up. Therefore, I recommend you prepare in advance through a short review, because it will be very hard to study only during the exam period. I think everyone has their own suitable ways of studying but the person who only realizes them is the one who succeed.”


  2. Son Su-min from the Department of Industrial Design

    “The procedure of schematizing information is essential in studying. In the process of organizing the same contents repeatedly until I am able to schematize them, I can review unconsciously what I learned. Before scheming information, it is important to set your own symbols. It will help you to mark only vital information during the classes. After classes, I usually study by drawing simple pictures or mind maps using only the main contents I have checked. Then, I copy them on post-its and try to find a connection between the contents of each post-its. Associating information can help you remind a lot of information at once and understand them as a mass. Thanks to this process, I am able to explain a lot of information just by seeing each keyword. Plus, you can remember the schematic information for a long time. Since you have to focus on what your professors said, you will get good results if you add professors’ explanation to your own description for keywords.”


  3. Lee Geun-hwa from the School of Tourism Studies

    “I try to understand all of professor’s words rather than dwelling on taking notes during classes. Instead, I supply some parts that I missed to take notes by listening to recording over and over after classes. When I get used to the contents of recordings by listening to them several times, I talk aloud as if I were talking to someone. As I tell the story as a professor, I can recognize the parts I am evasive. This means that I do not understand the parts well. If you repeat this process after understanding the contents you do not know well, you can talk like a professor later. It can also be an efficient way to study each subject differently depending on various types of questions that various professors make.”


    Various methods of study exist, but the common keyword is review. You should make your own way of study based on how repeatedly you can come into contact with the same information. There is no such thing as the best way in study. Therefore, you have to find the best way to study in the process of trying out different methods for yourself, accepting what is appropriate for you, and changing properly what is inappropriate..

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