Going the Extra Mile
Going the Extra Mile
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By Lee Miseon KT Managing Editor, Professor at Department of English Education


Have you ever travelled alone in an unfamiliar place? It may sound a little scaring and threatening that you are alone in a strange land. You can, however, meet with some unexpected surprises and enjoy the beautiful things that you can't, otherwise. A large number of travelers prefer to go on a trip with a loose schedule to go with a tight or guided one. Going on a trip to the places alone where we have never been means we can get an opportunity to face with many pleasant challenges. Yes, pleasant challenges! All kinds of challenges, of course, require our courage and sweat. But they pay off, anyway.

KU College of General Education is providing KU students with a one year special program under the title of Seven-color Extra Curricular Program. It includes seven categories of activities with a purpose that the students will make their potentials real! Each program has its color that represents a different vision to develop students’ capabilities as a valuable citizen of the community.

First, orange is for energy to strengthen leadership to improve ability of problem-solving through several time of special lectures from the local celebrities. And yellow means a good personality and emotions based on a sense of humanity and art. It will provides the participants an opportunity to reflect themselves in watching classical movies. The third color is white, and it represents innocent yearning for democracy in honor of 315 Masan Civil Movement for Democracy.

Green, the fourth color, means growing and development of youngsters, which includes the campus tour program. Students can know more about KU and its campus, and have a time to make a plan for their future. And then, purple is for wisdom and mental maturity through guided reading Korean classic books and stories. The last two ones are blue and red. The former is for youth who devote themselves to what they aim to, and the latter passion, focusing on local cultural experiences and volunteering.

With these seven categories of activities, the participants in these extra-curricular programs are expected to develop their potentials which have not been discovered yet. The potentials should not be wasted unseen. So I am sure that participation in these programs are like going extra mile when traveling. The trip will show you an unexpected beautiful scenery if you go extra miles. You can probably find some hidden treasures on the way. Who knows?

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