After reading Kyungnam Times...
After reading Kyungnam Times...
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By Lee Jinyou A junior of the Dept. of Nursing

After I read the Kyungnam Times, memories in the Philippines was came to my mind. I liked English, so I applied to a language training program last winter to improve English speaking skills and to learn foreign cultures. I studied at De La Salle Araneta University, so I was able to learn English skills effectively by the program. You can improve English speaking skills by attending the classes and improve them by facing many foreigners outside the university. The Philippines use English as a country language, so you should use English if you want to do something there. Therefore, this will help you to listen and understand English well. One of the best things is that I could experience the Philippines’ cultures directly. Some teachers made me traditional food, told their cultures, and also invited me to their homes. Those became my best memories in the Philippines.

Another best thing of this program is you can stay abroad for a long time in cheaper price than when you go alone. Furthermore, there are many students from other universities, so you can make new friends and memories. I want to go back that time because it was a great memory and it gave me a driving force to live my life. After I came back to Korea, I became more interested in English. I am planning to attend other programs, too!

Kyungnam Times is so useful for students to learn English with many interesting expressions. English ability can be decreased easily, but I want to practice it hard by reading Kyungnam Times. Not only that, international students can also get useful information and issues about KU from Kyungnam Times. Always thanks for the editors!

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