Interview with President Park Jae Kyu
Interview with President Park Jae Kyu
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By Han Da-hyeon


1.Q: The KU Weekly, the KT, and the KUBS congratulate you on becoming your inauguration of the 11th president at KU. We thank you for your time with KU News and Press. First, we want to ask you a question for our freshmen. Please, give some words to live a wise and happy university life not only for freshmen but also for KU students.
A: Welcome to KU, all the freshmen! And congratulations on being a student of KU. We have produced 140,000 graduates of distinguished talents as a prestigious private university for 73 years since 1946. I hope that you study major subjects for your future abilities and participate in various clubs for your social abilities.
2.Q: KU was selected as a university of autonomous improvement as a result of Ministry of Education’s test about basic capacity and got excellent results at LINC+ this year. What specific plans and goals do you have for the university to improve as a leading one in the future?
A: I expect KU to innovate itself for the success of its students, to contribute to a community and to realize the revival of KU in the 21st century. KU will make every effort to establish education, research, cooperation between industry and education, and innovative strategy of university management and characterization. Furthermore, KU will push ahead with 10 strategic assignments and 26 programs relating the aforesaid four contents. Plus, Hanma Vison 2030 which is a KU’ medium and long-term plan is an educational blueprint that has KU’s vision of future development and strategies. KU will develop as the best agent for education to foster talented creative individuals and to lead local development.



3.Q: The number of international students at KU has steadily increased and their nationalities has become various for the last five years. Let us know what a growing trend of them has meant to KU.
A: If the number of international students increases, interaction between native students and international students will be active and KU will become a global campus. I also think that understanding multiple cultures for native students will be promoted. Now, KU has 351 international students. I will also increase English lectures in liberal arts and undergraduate courses to provide opportunities for native students and international students to communicate while taking classes together. From now on, I will provide a one-stop services center, programs about Korean culture, and opportunities for communications for international students.
4.Q: We want to ask you about the international situations of the Korean peninsula. As the former unification minister who played a major role in the 6.15 North-South Joint Declaration in 2000, let us know your opinion about the Korean peninsula’s peace and the inter-Korean unification.
A: The Korean peninsula’s peace and the unification are difficult problems to solve, but we must not give up. South Korea has achieved three times of North-South Joint Declaration, two times of U.S. - North Korea summit, and seven times of U.S.-South Korea summit. From now on, South Korea should lead transition of the situation on the Korean peninsula for its peace and co-prosperity, focusing on development of inter-Korean relations.
5.Q: In conclusion, would you give a message for KU’s students and faculty members, please?
A: KU has achieved CK-I and LINC+ and was selected as a university of autonomous improvement over the years. In the years to come, KU members will show their abilities to achieve management of KU such as selection of freshmen, employment, educations, and research. Dear KU members, let’s take pride as one of the most prestigious private university and deal with changes and challenges we face with all the hearts.

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