KU Establishes Research Station for Work Experience
KU Establishes Research Station for Work Experience
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By Han Da-hyeon


KU visited Shanghai Electric University in Shanghai and had a signboard hanging ceremony for work experience on April 25, 2019. Shanghai Electric University has forged application-technique majors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and material science for students’ improvement and is leading the growth of an advanced manufacturing industry and the development of the local economy. The result of focusing on scientific research and strategies of social services has led Shanghai Electric University to maintain a 98 percent employment rate for students and is currently leading internationalization by forging cooperative relationships with 30 universities in 14 countries.
Both KU and Shanghai Electric University promised to give their active support to the vitalization of practicing training abroad for students, and to connect the global Hanma program with Shanghai Electric University’s international education camps to expand exchanges and cooperation in various fields such as management, trade, engineering, and industrial design. In addition, through a special program for Korean language education operated by Shanghai Electric University, KU planed a specific studying system that talented students who have a Korean language proficiency could transfer to KU and agreed to operate various programs to enhance student exchanges such as 2:2 exchange program of undergraduate and a masters and doctorate overseas program.
Those that attended the signboard hanging ceremony include: Choi Ho-seong, vice president for public relations; Lee Cheol-ri, the direction of Korea-China relations; Go Sun-uk, the dean of the department of Industrial Design; Lee Bae-yeong, vice chairman of UOK LINC+; and Yang Jun-geol, vice president of Shanghai Dianji University.

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