Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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By Lee Suji A senior of the Dept. of English Education

A creative way to protect the environment

     These days, I am interested in environmental issues. I know that lots of people read articles from KT, so I want KT to cover articles about the environment, too. What I am paying attention to today is an edible water bottle. Today, I am going to introduce it.

     While I was searching on the internet, I found an interesting thing that might help us protect the environment. It is the ‘Ooho’, an edible water bottle. You may doubt that you can eat the water bottle, but it is possible. Actually, it is used in foreign marathons as an alternative to existing water bottles. If you want to understand how an edible water bottle can be made, you have to know what ‘molecular cuisine’ is first. ‘Molecular cuisine’ is a fusion of the chemistry and the cooking. In other words, it means an output of a process of thoroughly analyzing the ingredients for cooking to their molecular units and changing the shapes of them. You might be unfamiliar with this concept, but you have already experienced it in your daily lives. Cotton candy and puffed rice are the most famous examples of it. The ‘Ooho’ is another example of molecular cuisine. Although the word ‘molecular cuisine’ may sound unfamiliar to you, in fact, it is not that difficult to make it. If you want to try to make this edible water bottle by yourself, you can follow these steps at home. The ingredients needed are a cup of warm water, two transparent plastic cups, and 3g of Sodium Alginate, 5g of Calcium Lactate, a spoon, and a straw. At first, if you prepared all the ingredients, put 3g of Sodium Alginate and pour 50ml of water into the plastic cup, and mix them with a straw until it turns to gel. You can add some food colorings here if you want. Secondly, put 5g of Calcium Lactate and pour 300ml of water into the other cup, and mix them with a straw until no powder remains. Next, put the mixture of Sodium Alginate into the mixture of Calcium Lactate with a spoon. In here, you will be able to find the creation of chunks in the cup. Finally, after about 10 seconds, shift the chunks into a cup of fresh water. The chunks look like capsules in the fresh water; it is the ‘Ooho’. Now, you can get your own eco-friendly water bottle.

      People are trying to come up with lots of ideas that could protect the environment, and there are enormous environmental campaigns these days. It might be a burden for you to take real actions like other professional environmental organizations. If so, how about trying to pay attention to the innovative and eco-friendly inventions like the ‘Ooho’ as your first step? I hope lots of people care about the environment after reading KT articles.

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