Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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By Rica Patricia A sophomore of the Dept. of English

Kyungnam         Times is...
     Kyungnam Times is a great tool to keep every student connected to the University. It gives us updates and latest issues about the school. Not only that, it also has some articles that are really creative which makes it fun to read for every student. They also discuss some issues outside the school which is great because it gives an important information to everyone. I do believe that it's not only beneficial to the readers but as well as to the journalists because Kyungnam Times teaches an invaluable skills in terms of writing a good article, generating new ideas and practicing their critical thinking skills. Also, they get to share their opinions about a certain issue that can influence the others. 
     Writing their articles in English is also a great idea for every foreign student especially to those who are not yet able to understand the full Korean language. We can still connect ourselves to the University which is a great factor for us.

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