Korea's Aviation Technology Is Not Built in a Day
Korea's Aviation Technology Is Not Built in a Day
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By Choi, Jeongho *An Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Mechanical Enginieering

 Nowadays, whenever I hear news about the airline mentioned in the media every day, I think that Korea is a great country. A few decades ago, it was Korea, a small country that had the technology of assembling aircraft engines led by large corporations. Now, it is a country that plans to produce and sell aircraft to the US, the mainland of the aviation industry. Last year, when I attended the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), a Russian aviation university, I had the opportunity to speak with experts in the aviation sector. They said the current aerospace technology in Korea has really improved and recognized.
 The Korean aerospace industry has been developing advanced technologies based on the introduction of advanced technologies in the US and Europe, which are advanced in aviation. In order to develop new technology in the aviation industry, which had nothing to do with it, we had to make one by one. I think that this will form the basis for developing new aviation technologies. At present, Korean aeronautical technology is about 50 years away from the USor Europe. By watching the Republic of Korea, which has been able to overcome the hardships and ignorance and to export aircraft, Korea has been able to have faith that it will enter the ranks of advanced countries in the future. 

 The aviation technology is a thorough national security situation, because the cost and manpower to invest in the development of new technology are enormous. For example, Vice Chancellor at the MAI said that it strictly limits the publication or presentation of technology to students' overseas academic journals and journals. It means aerospace technology is a nationally important confidentiality.
The aviation industry implicitly says "try and error". This means to try to find problems and solve these problems one by one. Design, assemble, and produce aircraft, take several test aircraft repeatedly in the air, and identify many problems first. Then, it is to solve the identified problems one by one. It will produce the best aircraft with the highest safety and time and cost. Therefore, for this reason, the aircraft is sold at a high price.
 Looking at the current situation of college students, there seems to be many similarities to the reality of the Korean aviation industry. The reality is so vast that you can not see the front. Korea 's aviation industry was equally obstructed at first. 
 However, nowadays, it has become a country that has enough technical power to export to USA, which is the mainland of aviation industry. How many aeronautical engineers have you ever sweated to have these current aviation skills? It would have received a lot of contempt and ignorance. 
 Therefore, Korea's aviation technology is not done overnight. It is the result of many engineers doing their best for a long time.

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