KU Opens 2019 Education Innovation Forum
KU Opens 2019 Education Innovation Forum
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By Jeon So-hyeon

     KU held the 2019 Education Innovation Forum at the Hanma Mirae Gwan and Changjo Gwan on January 2nd and 3rd. This forum was in order to look back on several achievements and to discuss directions for improving universities. It consisted of four sessions under the theme, ‘Experience is Growth’ in which professors and students participated. Students presented about the topic, What are we going to do about educational innovation for college?


     Moreover, President Park said, “This forum is very meaningful because it focuses on finding direction for innovation in KU so that KU can achieve the goal of realizing the new renaissance of KU through the improving innovation support project. Plus, KU is looking forward to active participation and discussion so that we can break the critical situation through university innovation and continue to make KU leap forward.” Continuously, Min Kyung-chan, a professor of Yonsei University, talked about the innovational direction on the fourth era of industrial revolution: making successful future university. Jeon Young-rok, the Dean of Educational Affairs, explained why, what, how to innovate KU education. Lee Jin-hee and Jeong Eun-hee, KU professors, focused on the educational innovation direction of fourth industrial revolution era in the second session.

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