KU Holds the 70th Graduation Ceremony
KU Holds the 70th Graduation Ceremony
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By Jeon So-hyeon

  KU held the 70th graduation ceremony in the presence of KU President Park Jae Kyu, Choi Hae-ho, the president of KU Alumni Association, Jeon Ha-Sung, a vice-president for academic affairs, Choi Ho-sung, a vice-president for public relations, and many guests at Hanma Auditorium on February 20, 2019. During the ceremony, 2,717 talented graduates were conferred degrees comprising 2,391 bachelors’, 157 masters’, 23 doctoral degrees, and many recipients from intensive courses.

  President Park Jae Kyu gave congratulations and encouragement to all the graduates in his commencement speech. He said, “KU is going to be the most valuable supporter of the graduates who will lead the fourth industrial revolution. Thus, we hope that all of you have pride as a KU member and show your capability in every field.” Meanwhile, College of Law and Politics, Business, and Engineering’ graduation ceremony was held on February 13th. College of Liberal Arts, Health Sciences, and Education’ graduation ceremony was held on February 15th.

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