Soon it shall also come to pass.
Soon it shall also come to pass.
  • Kim Na-young
  • 승인 2023.03.13 15:49
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I am Kim Na-young, majoring in International Trade at Dong-A University. Although I am not attending Kyungnam University, thanks to my acquaintance I could read the articles in the Kyungnam Times. There were many interesting articles, but the title 'You should constantly change to be a happy and wise person' caught my eyes. I often think that “What is happiness these days, and what should I do to be happy?” but I didn't think about changing myself to be happy, so I was surprised while reading this article. As the article said, 'sometimes there is happiness that comes only when you change.' In my case, a sense of accomplishment is happiness after I study every day to reach my goal score as much as I planned in the TOEIC test. It's happiness that you can't have if you're stuck doing nothing! Also, the happiness you get from traveling with your friends will never be able to have if you lie in your bed with your phone. Of course, lying down with your phone is also happiness. However, that kind of happiness could not last long. I was full of desire to have the happiness that I could get by changing myself while stagnant. I could be a wiser person if I deal with the situation with flexible thinking like the wise people. I should have some time to think about what I can change in accordance with the changing world. It was nice to read the KT article and have a chance to remind about happiness once again. I will read KT articles more often in the future. Thank you!

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