Take a walk, to the world
Take a walk, to the world
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  • 승인 2022.12.26 11:03
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 I am Lee Beom-soo, majoring in business administration at Kyungnam University, and last September, I happened to read a KT article in the library. The summerlike cover caught my eye, and the design of the article was beautiful. Not only the design, but also the content in the article was interesting enough to attract attention.

 Many articles drew my attention, but the one that caught my attention the most was the article about lowering the age of juvenile delinquency. As many juvenile crimes have occurred recently, the topic of lowering the age of juvenile delinquency has been a hot issue in Korea. There's a lot of disagreement, but I'm one of the many people who think we should lower the age of juvenile delinquency, because today's children are learning about the world faster than in the past through many media and maturing faster, and as a result getting into crime at an earlier age. If they don't know it's a crime and act based on their own whims, I think it's right to hand them over not punishing them. However, children these days know what is or isn’t a crime.

 So I think it's necessary to lower the age of juvenile delinquency and severely educate the youth to prevent today’s children from harming society through crime. I think it's appropriate to lower the age of juvenile delinquency from the current age of 14 to 10. The reason is that children grow up a lot in the process of becoming teenagers, and at the age of 10, they go to elementary school for two years and experience society, and they are old enough to judge what crime is and what they shouldn't do. I became interested in this topic by reading KT by chance and will continue to read these interesting articles regularly. Thank you

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