You should constantly change to be a happy and wise person.
You should constantly change to be a happy and wise person.
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 What does a happy life mean to you? Happiness and wisdom are concepts that humans have discussed across the age. Every human aspires to live a life of happiness and looks for wise solutions to their problems. Regarding this topic, sages must have various opinion. Among them, we can learn a way of achieving happiness through what Confucius said: "One must constantly change to be a happy and wise person.”

 The key meaning of these words is that we should become flexible and not be stagnant so that we can cope with changes. It emphasizes our own change. And it also means that we can become wiser and happier by pursuing changes constantly. Then, specifically, how do those who are happy and wise deal with these changes?

 They have the power to accept changing situations as they are. They can come up with wise alternatives to new situations and have an ability to change themselves. With their fluid attitude, they can find happiness in any situation. That's why they are happy and wise even though they are constantly seeking changes.

 Happiness is a guest who doesn't come often in life. However, there is happiness that can only be met by changing. The more often you meet new things, the more likely you are to find new happiness. Therefore, when you feel heavy about a fast-changing world, why don't you find out what you can change and try even a small change for yourself?

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