Various Events Held at KU throughout the Year
Various Events Held at KU throughout the Year
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‘Hanma Daedong Festival,’ the biggest event and KU festival was handled in another section of this issue. Therefore, I would like to introduce three events: the major search festival, Disco Festa; the seminar for three media of KU News and Press; and With Books held by the library.

The Major Search Festival, Disco Festa From May 18 to 19, the ‘2022 DiscoFesta’ was held throughout the campus.

The festival, which was held as part of the university innovation support project, consisted of 77 distinctive programs, including Senior Invitation Lecture, Video Production Contest, Photo Exhibition, and the students from 40 departments participated in the event and the library also provided intersting programs. The booths installed throughout the campus attracted many students and revitalized the students and campus that have long lost vigor and vitality by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. 

 A student who participated in this event said, “By participating in the programs provided by various booths installed throughout the campus, I was able to experience not only my major but also other majors; therefore, Disco Festa has become of great help for me to explore my future career, to say nothing of having a good time with my friends.”


The Seminar for Three Media of KU News and Press (KUNP)

 From July 14 to 15, the members of KU Newspaper (KUN), KU Broadcasting System (KUBS), and The Kyungnam Times (KT) participated in the special seminar, held outdoors. On the first day, participants visited Seopirang in Tongyeong and the Geoje POW (Prisoner of War) camp. In the evening, each media outlet made a presentation focusing on their publishing and broadcasting processes.

 KUN made a presentation on the contents of online newspapers tailored to the smart era; KUBS on how to choose for the systematic broadcast and postbroadcast proofreading process; and KT on how to use the online drive for posting the articles and the meetings for the topic choice and design, and the process of getting feedback between peers, via foreign and Korean editors, and finally via the director of KUNP.

 On the second day, the members of KUNP under the guidance of professors and empolyees of the related department for safety made a tour to the Haegeum River by ship and finished the seminar with a tour of the Hill of Wind.

 This seminar has become of great help for enlarging the perspectives of the members of KUNP through listening to what is happening in other media and tours to various spots including POW camp.

The Event, ‘With Books’ Hosted by the Central Library of KU

 From September 19 to 30, in celebration of Reading Month, ‘With Books’ program called KULib was held at the Kyungnam University Central Library. Several meaningful events were organized, including: a 'Library Photo Contest’ which allows students to share memories with the library; a 'Reading Crossword Puzzle’ where students can solve problems related to the books and get prizes; a ‘Lucky Lender Event’ which gives students who borrow more than three books a voucher to receive prizes; and a 'Lucky User’ event that gives prizes to users of the Creative Integrated Learning Room's one-person creator room.

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