2022 Korea Global Forum for Peace (KGFP)
2022 Korea Global Forum for Peace (KGFP)
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 On August 30 of 2022, the Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES) held a session on ‘2022 Korea Global Forum for Peace (KGFP).’ This session was held in the Junior Ballroom of the Millennium Seoul Hilton and was hosted by the Ministry of Unification. The topic was “The Changes and Prospects of North Korea’s Foreign Policy and Strategy towards South Korea in the Kim Jong-un Era.” Lee Kwan-sei, Director of IFES, presided the session. The session consisted of two parts: Presentation and Discussion.

 For the first part, Kim Dong-yub, Professor of the University of North Korean Studies, made a presentation under the topic, “Evaluation and Prospects of North Korea’s External Strategy and Military Situation on the Korean Peninsula”; Hisashi Hirai, Visiting research fellow at IFES, about “Evaluation and Prospects of the External Strategy of the Kim Jong-un Regime: After the Hanoi Summit”; and Lim Eul-chul, Professor of IFES, on “The Kim Jong-un Regime’s Strategy toward South Korea and Exploration on the Possibility of Exchange and Agreement between South Korea and North Korea.”

 In the second part of discussion, there were three panelists: Peter Ward, Visiting research fellow of IFES; Cho Jin-goo, Professor of IFES; and Kwon Young-kyung, Professor emeritus of the National Institute for Unification Education.

 Held from August 30 to September 1, the theme of KGFP was “Vision for Unification of the Korean Peninsula and Inter-Korean Relations in a Transitional Era.” It was broadcasted via live streaming on YouTube due to COVID-19.

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