“What you lack is not time but will.”
“What you lack is not time but will.”
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Usually, people complain by saying, "There is no time," or "There is not enough time,” when work is delayed or the period is short. However, when time is given, people do not know what to do or how to start. Peter Drucker, an American management consultant, said, “Lack of time is not a matter of ‘lack’ itself, but of time management.” Therefore, what we should focus on is not ‘time’ that cannot be controlled by ourselves and always flows at the same speed, but ‘time management’ that we can control. Then, how can we do this time management? There is a saying, "What you lack is not time, but will." As indicated by this saying, people tend not to have a shortage of time but rather a lack of will for time management. That is, what we are lacking is not time but planning and will. In fact, if we really want to do something, we can start our day early in the morning, or we can make spare time to complete work. Let's look at some solutions for developing the will to complete our work.

Setting short-term goals.

By making and completing small plans through goal-setting, we feel a sense of accomplishment step by step and motivate our will.

Praise for the little things.

Compliment has the special power to increase motivation, unlike criticism.

Do a self-fulfilling prophecy

Just as there is a belief that the environment changes as we think, even if we have weak will, we can change in the direction we want under the influence of self-fulfilling thoughts.

Find some time to relax.

It increases willpower by improving your own thinking and behavioral control through the process of overcoming pressure from others.

When you fail to keep your plans in the future, look back on the phrase, "What you lack is not time, but will." Instead of simply blaming time, let's take time to look around through self-reflection to see if there was a will.

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