Introduction of KU Language Center in University of the Philippines
Introduction of KU Language Center in University of the Philippines
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Are you interested in English? Would you like to study English for vacation? Here is news for you! Kyungnam University (KU) can give you a chance to take language training. Let’s have a look.

 In 2006, for the first time among Korean universities, KU founded the KU Language Center in the University of the Philippines. The purpose of the center is to train students in English. Originally, KU had contracted with the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) to operate its program from 2006 to 2013. Then, KU had contracted with Trace College from 2013 to 2016. Now, KU has contracted with De La Salle Araneta University to operate the program since 2016.

Applications for participation are accepted between May and June for summer vacation and between October and November for winter vacation. Notice is posted on the website of the Office of International Services at KU. Applicants are required to follow the notice instructions, and the successful candidate list is released on the website. The people chosen for the program are notified before the announcement is made public. All students who want to improve their English skills can apply for the program, except for those that are suspended from graduation or the semester or have received any disciplinary reasons for disqualification. Class duration is four weeks or eight weeks, depending on the circumstances.

For summer language training in 2022, students submitted an online application form. The program had been operated for three hours on weekdays for four weeks through online classes. There were six subjects: Composition and Writing CLASS, Speaking CLASS (Power Speaking/ TOEIC Speaking/ Speech and Pronunciation), Listening CLASS and Reading CLASS. Students chose three of them and studied with textbooks suited to each individual’s level based on a level test.

In Composition and Writing CLASS, students write essays and look through them with an instructor. Two essays should be completed each week. The essays are then reviewed part by part with the instructor, to see if sentence meaning is correct or not. This helps students to enhance their understanding of the sentence structure and the heart of their article.

Speaking CLASS is an interactive English class. It is conducted by discussing topics announced by the instructor in advance. Students can ask for explanations for unfamiliar words or for correct pronunciations. Through a weekly speaking test, students can receive feedback on what to improve.

In Listening CLASS, students listen to a listening file with their instructor and take a comprehension test. Students can practice their listening skills by listening repeatedly to the part where they input a wrong answer.

In Reading CLASS, students read texts aloud and the instructor tests for reading comprehension. Students can ask the instructor to explain any sentence structure or words that they don't understand.

Twelve students were selected for the Philippines' online language training program during the summer vacation in 2022. According to the review of the training conducted during the winter vacation in 2021, students were able to talk with instructors about each other’s cultures and perspectives despite the limitations of remote video class. During the class, instructors waited for the students to speak and write on their own, and students said that they gained interest and confidence in English in addition to improving their skills. After the end of the program, level test results, final test results, and certificates were given to students who successfully completed the program. These show that you participated in the program and are evidence of your efforts to improve your English skills at KU.

The Office of International Services at KU said that students can receive inexpensive English training opportunities in the Philippines via support from KU. And the best part of the online class is that it is possible to tailor the class to suit to each individual’s English level.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the program has been operating only through online. According to the interview with the Office of International Services at KU, as of now, it is hard for them to say whether the program will be provided online or offline due to a mix of factors including COVID-19, but they are expecting offline classes to be held in 2022 winter vacation or 2023.

Participating in this program will be an exciting experience in your university life. So, why not take this chance and make a future full of opportunities at KU!

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