“If you want to go up to the highest point, start from the lowest point.”
“If you want to go up to the highest point, start from the lowest point.”
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“Star from the lowest point to reach the highest point.” is a familiar saying that anyone has heard at least once. First, let's take mountain climbing as an example. There may be various purposes for mountain climbing, but most people climb the mountain aiming to reach the top. To climb a mountain, you must start at the lowest point of the starting line. The process of climbing from low to high requires a variety of difficulties and patience. Nevertheless, the reason why we feel joy and happiness as we climb the mountain may be because of the beautiful scenery of various mountains we encounter in the process, small conversations with our friends, and the rewarding of taking steps forward. On the contrary, imagine another example. Suppose the purpose of the climbing is simply to reach the top by helicopter. Would it be possible for the person to know various landscapes and beauty that mountains give, and such happiness that patience and perspiration give? Many things not to be seen and enjoyed by the person who climbs the mountain by helicopter are revealed to the eyes of the real climber. Eventually, the latter can feel the joy which are brought by all the process of the mountain climbing. Therefore, I think what makes life meaningful is not the result, but the process. The same is true of constructing buildings. To construct a safe and good building, concrete foundation is most important than anything else. This is because if the foundation work is not strong, no matter how splendid the exterior is, it can eventually collapse. In contrast if the foundation is strong, the building can be used safely for a long time. I think our lives are the same. Each of us has a different summit we want to climb, and the speed of climbing may also be different. I think the important thing is not the speed and position, but the step by step process from the low point. People want to look ahead right now and see only the results. If you are obsessed with seemingly plausible results, in the end, you are to devaluate the time you spent at the lowest point. Therefore, it is not important to be high or low, but to start from a low place and move on at your own pace. Life will make us grow us through the enlightenment and introspection we feel during the process.

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